Sell your cell phones, tablets, iPhones, iPads, iPods, Kindles or E-readers to TradeUpCashOut in four simple steps.

What do we do with your devices when we get them from you?

Verify and Secure
We make sure to erase any personal information from every device we receive and restore it back to its original manufacturing state as soon as we verify your device condition.

Transaction Processing
We process each and every device we receive the same day we receive it so that way we can get your money to you as soon as possible.

We update you every step of the way. We will update you when we receive your device, when we verify your transaction information, if we have to make any changes to your offer and when we have sent your payment.

We Pay You!
If you chose our 24-Hour Quick Pay option during checkout we will send you your payment via PayPal within 24 hours of verification of your device(s). For other payment methods, we will update your account when we have mailed your payment to your registered mailing address.

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Find Your Device

Use our instant offer system to find your device(s), report the condition of each device and get an instant offer. Add more than one device to get paid even more!


When you are done adding devices to your cart click on the "Checkout" button. Enter your personal information (or log in with your existing account) and select your preferred payment method.

Choose from one (1) of the following payment methods:
  • 24-Hour Quick Pay with PayPal™
  • Check or Money Order*
  • Pre-Paid Visa Card*
  • Wal-Mart Gift Card*

After selecting your payment method, select whether you want to print out a custom shipping label or request a shipping kit be sent to your address. Both methods will cover the cost of shipping your device(s) to us.

Want to print your shipping label but don't have a printer? No worries, you can log into your account from any computer that has Internet access and print out your shipping label / packing slip. You could also request the shipping kit instead if you don't have a printer.

Ship Your Device(s) To Us

Whether you decide to print out your shipping label and use your own box or request a shipping kit, shipping your devices is simple.

Pack your device(s) and equipment (chargers, batteries, cables, etc.) with some packing material (foam peanuts, bubble wrap, etc) and your packing slip, affix the shipping label and then mail it from any United States post office (yep, Hawaii and Alaska too).

Wait To Get Paid

When we receive your device(s) we will check everything out and make sure it matches up with what you reported to us. If everything you said checks out with everything we've got, then we will send your money in-accordance-with the payment method you selected during checkout.

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